Effects Classification:
Euphoric Stimulant
Common Names: Meth, Speed, Shards, Crystal, Desoxyn, Glass, Crank, Tweak, Yaba
Chemical Name: d-N-methylamphetamine
Description: Methamphetamine is a strong physical and mental stimulant available in both prescription and street forms. It is relatively easy to synthesize which has contributed to its widespread use.

Methamphetamine Addiction

If you are looking to help someone who has a meth addiction then you probably already know that it is a frustrating and heart wrenching problem, but don’t give up! Many have been able to overcome meth addiction and many more continue to succeed every day. When it comes to helping someone who has become addicted to methamphetamine, it is important to know everything that you can about the drug and its effects, have a strategy in place to combat the addiction and to get professional help as quickly as possible. It has been found that long term residential rehab is the most effective treatment for meth addiction. If you would like toll free counseling, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-614-7449 or fill out the form to the right.

Methamphetamine is one of the most toxic and addictive substances known to man. It is a man made chemical drug which is created from a series of chemical reactions from toxic substances that can be found anywhere from beneath your sink to under the hood of your car. There are many different ways that meth can be used, the most common being smoked in a meth pipe or injecting intravenously however, some users snort it through the nose, take it by mouth, or even add it to coffee and drink it. Once meth has entered the system, the user experiences a large surge of energy which lasts for hours, euphoria, a diminished sense of pain and time, and may even feel powerful or invincible.

Adverse Effects of Methamphetamine

When someone is under the influence of meth, their thought process and actions become erratic and completely unpredictable. The users’ behavior may quickly change from relaxed to aggressive to scared and to paranoid and will tend to repeat doing some action over and over again for hours, or some begin to pick at their skin resulting in large sores all over the body. When someone is high on meth, they will be unable to sleep for several hours, even if the drug is taken after not sleeping for the previous few days. Also, a user of methamphetamine will not feel hungry and not want to eat while on the drug which can result in dramatic weight loss. The pupils enlarge and the body sweats out the chemicals from meth which often causes a pungent body odor. As time goes by, the high starts to wear off and the user is inclined to use more meth in order to feel the same euphoria as they had before. These are all warning signs that can be used to tell if a person is using meth and should not be ignored.

If you have determined that someone is using meth, it is important to NOT enable them. Enabling someone means to assist them with their drug habit in any way. Enabling can be in many forms including allowing someone to live in your home, helping them financially, or constantly picking them up or driving them places. It is important to not do any of these things for a person who is using meth because in the end, if these things are done for them, it will only end up hurting them more and could worsen their addiction.

It is vital that you get professional help as soon as possible when it comes to methamphetamine addiction. We have experienced counselors available to help you beat the addiction. The addict will often think that their addiction is not a serious problem and want to take as little action as possible such as an outpatient program or attending meetings. These methods are rarely successful and much more effort is required to overcome a methamphetamine addiction. We can help you determine which rehabilitation options will yield the highest chance of success and help you through every step of the process. If you have a loved one who is using meth, give us a call or fill out the form to the right and a counselor will call you or respond to you via email. We can help you put together an effective plan to beat this addiction for good.