What is this site all about?


Well, there are hundreds of websites out there that help you find treatment options and advertise for drug rehabs.  There are also plenty of anti-drug sites out there, and other drug sites out there providing lots of information.  But where is the site that combines these?  Also where is the site where people can come together, talk about their rehab experiences and there drug experiences.  What worked for them and what did not?  Where is the support site where recovered addicts can come and talk, vent or whatever when they are struggling with sobriety?  We noticed this gap and decided to do something about it!

What did we do?


We created this site to provide a place where people can come and discuss their trials and tribulations on the path to sobriety.  We have also compiled a pretty massive database of information for anyone curious about help or are thinking about seeking help.  We want to hear how others got sober and the success they have had since gaining sobriety.

Why would you guys do something like this?


Well, we also once suffered from drug addiction, and have since cleaned ourselves up, and would now like to share our success and help others in the road to recovery.  WE know from firsthand experience that recovery from drug addiction can be a rocky road, but we were fortunate enough to persevere and now have dedicated some of our time to help others.

Why do you provide a phone number?


We have joined together with some other friends that have also struggled with addiction and have also overcome it.  They have gone back to School and received there Registered Addiction Specialists degrees and are also certified Chemical Dependency counselors.  They are willing to help our cause and help find drug rehabs and treatment for people that are looking for a treatment program.  They have many resources and can help you find something anywhere in the United States.

What’s the catch?


There is no catch, seriously.  We want to help anyone who is being affected by drug abuse, because we have been there and it almost destroyed many of our lives including our loved ones that stuck by our sides.  So call it penance for past wrongs we have made in our lives and the other lives we affected with our addictions.  So please don’t hesitate to ask any question, don’t feel embarrassed, trust us, you are not alone!