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Affordable Alcohol & Drug Rehab center in Phoenix, Arizona The city of Phoenix has a population of over 1.5 million people, Drugs are still an issue throughout many inner-city streets. people looking for help can find numerous resources within the city. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration site do list there are 97 …

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GHB Facts

GHB Facts Effects Classification: Depressant Intoxicant GHB Street Names: G, Sodium Oxybate, Xyrem, Grevious Bodily Harm, Georgia Home Boy, Liquid Ecstasy, Liquid X, Liquid E, GHB, GBH, Soap, Scoop, Easy Lay, Salty Water, G-Riffick, Cherry Menth, and Organic Quaalude. Chemical Name: gamma-hydroxybutyrate Description: GHB is a sedative used both as a sleep-aid and as a …

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Effects Classification: Euphoric Stimulant Common Names: Meth, Speed, Shards, Crystal, Desoxyn, Glass, Crank, Tweak, Yaba Chemical Name: d-N-methylamphetamine Description: Methamphetamine is a strong physical and mental stimulant available in both prescription and street forms. It is relatively easy to synthesize which has contributed to its widespread use. Methamphetamine Addiction If you are looking to help …

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